Friday, October 06, 2006

19 Hours And Counting...

This morning was brisk and cold but sunny and beautiful as I did my hour long walk through the trails right near our house. Many of the leaves are starting to fall and of course that gave me another idea... Appliqué everything would look pretty boring, right?

So I picked up a few of the nicest leaves in a selection of shapes, but heavily weighted towards the mighty maple leaf. Once I got home, I grabbed some of my acrylic paints and the textile medium which allows you to convert them to fabric paint.

I had fun mixing up a variety of fall leaf colours...

Then I painted each leaf with a thick coat of paint...

And used them as stencils. It was really neat to see how much of the leaf detail transferred with the paint in a few cases.

Wow! Where did this hour go? Time to clean up my brushes and run up to the bus stop to pick up Bethany!!

(I actually ran out of time and just dashed off to get her with a sandwich in hand, my lunch being forgotten completely in the fun of being creative... so I am posting this now that supper dishes are done!)


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