Friday, October 06, 2006


Yesterday I stopped by Fabricville to pick up some more supplies for the jeans. Another candy store for me and a wonderful enabling experience to justify buying fabric. I can’t buy any more for clothing until I use up some of the many, many boxes around the house. But this was for an assignment!! Shopping also doesn’t count in the 22 hours, so I could take my time and enjoy some fabric fondling...

The lady at Fabricville was VERY intrigued by the project, especially since she was a Rick Mercer fan too! I got all kinds of helpful advice about which browns would work best for the beaver, what material would make a cute baby polar bear and that since Rick was from Newfoundland, I just HAD to have a Moose on there somewhere...

When working on a project that may be worn by someone, it is important to wash the fabric first so that there are no icky surprises when the poor person pulls these jeans out of the washer or dryer. (Not that I will recommend putting them in the dryer once I get done with them!) Off I went to wash the fabric and by the time I pulled the tangled thread mess out of the washer, I was reminded about some of the serious drawbacks to working with flannel fabric!! It was much easier to snip the fabric threads to untangle them all than to puzzle out how they got so intertwined in my spin cycle in the first place.

While the fabric was drying in the dryer and fluffing up my lint filter, I got out some paper and sketched out some of the tree shapes, the igloo and 3 of the main animal characters. I traced them over with a marker to make sure that there wasn’t too much detail that I’d have to add later.

Next, I cut the templates out and used a fusible bonding agent on the dried fabric to make something stiff enough to cut. Luckily, I remembered to turn the main characters OVER so that when they were cut and flipped, they were facing the right way. I did goof up with the beaver tail and simply cut a second one. Then, with the help of the iron I fused everything down to the leg of the jeans. I got all of the trees on the back of this leg done as well, just waiting for the moose to go on them in another session. Since I haven’t seen a moose up close and personal in a few years, I Googled moose pictures to remind myself of what they looked like. All of my attempts to draw a CUTE moose last night ended up scrumpled in a little heap, so I decided not to waste any more of my 22 hours and called it a night.


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